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LIED (LE) - Histoire d'un voyage: Episode No. 1 (Documentary, 2021)

Le Lied - Histoire d'un voyage
Television Director: Mirabel, Martin
Tubeuf, Andre

Narrator: Tubeuf, Andre

Year of Production: 2021
Playing Time: 00:43:28
Catalogue Number: P707-01

In his Parisian living room, music critic Andre Tubeuf (1930-2021) tells, with his knowledge, his language and his memory, the story of the German Lied. From Mozart and Beethoven to Mahler and Strauss, through Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf, a major part of the European culture and of music history is reborn before our eyes and ears.

Featuring Episode 1 entitled Mozart and Beethoven - The Lied's Dawn from a series of seven episodes filmed by Martin Mirabel.

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